This Friday, Feb 6, the site that processes merchandise orders for me (Bandcamp) will be donating their share of sales to the ACLU. I thought that was such a great idea that I decided to join them. That’s a boring way of saying: Between 12am PST Fri, Feb 6 and 12am PST Sat, Feb 7, 100% […]

I know, I know! But we really are still working on the record. Here’s a little footage from this past weekend at Lee Flier’s studio, as we tracked drums for one song, with only one song left to go. I’m hoping to be done recording by the end of Spring. What that means for a […]

Anger is energy. Love is direction.

So many points in history that people look back upon and say, how did people let that happen? Well, now we all know. Article after article and post after post, trying to find who to blame. But it’s not people who didn’t vote, or people who were Bernie-or-busters, or third parties, or the DNC, or […]