FINE Paul – backing vocals ENTR’ACTE Paul – vocals (lead, backing) The high backing vocals on FINE were very tough to nail and took several takes. You can hear the wear and tear on my voice from them on ENTR’ACTE. The little “ooh-aah” parts on ENTR’ACTE remind me of “Age of Aquarius” which seems a […]

FINE (formerly “Finale”) Paul – guitar, vocals John Cerreta – vibraphone John had done some vibraphone work before tonight. The instrument is pretty wonky so it’s unclear how much of it will be used. Vocals done in one take (one take each on two mics). We opt for the latter. Asked about using “Claire de […]

FINALE (FINALLY) Paul – guitar Michael Lorant – drums Tim Delaney (Swimming Pool Q’s) – stand-up bass Jeff Calder (Swimming Pool Q’s) loaned the vibes. laid down drums & bass with scratch guitar and vox. made separate pass on bass, added bow to bridge. Rob suggested Linda Bolley (Gentle Readers) for drums on other songs. […]