OVERTURE no credits We’re doing this CD song by song, as opposed to the previous method of doing all the basic tracks at once and then going back and doing the other stuff song by song. One of them, JEFF LYNNE, was what we worked on first, the last two sessions. It was going slower […]

JEFF LYNNE Paul – guitar John Cerreta – synth Six guitar tracks recorded and stacked. Four of them were my Kramer Ferrington (still in loyal, tinny service after 13 years) and two acoustic. Very painful by the end, my hand cramping badly. John recorded some synth, a sort of “Turn to Stone” sound. Rob also […]

OVERTURE Linda Bolley – drums JEFF LYNNE Linda Bolley – drums Drum tracks complete for both. Linda was great, and particularly locked into the ELO thing I wanted for JEFF LYNNE. We vaguely talked about doing some live stuff, something she’s offered before. She’s the one who got my CD initially, I still don’t know […]