Anger is energy. Love is direction.

So many points in history that people look back upon and say, how did people let that happen? Well, now we all know. Article after article and post after post, trying to find who to blame. But it’s not people who didn’t vote, or people who were Bernie-or-busters, or third parties, or the DNC, or […]

I voted for Nader in 2000. I still don’t regret it. Since then I have always said that the Democratic Party isn’t owed my vote by default, they’re obligated to convince me why I should give it. It’s why I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Because of that stance, I feel like I should explain why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, even though I dislike her as a candidate.

It’s a strange world to rejoin after a decade away. The night is dark and full of neuroses. I have big plans for the thing… or maybe “elaborate” is a better word. Elaborate plans that involve a number of non-musical skills I don’t currently possess, and a lot more work than just organizing the recording […]