We begin actual work on a new record

It’s a strange world to rejoin after a decade away. The night is dark and full of neuroses.

I have big plans for the thing… or maybe “elaborate” is a better word. Elaborate plans that involve a number of non-musical skills I don’t currently possess, and a lot more work than just organizing the recording process. Plans that represent me trying to find ways to work inside and outside a music industry that is less recognizable to me than it was when I was last part of it, and finding different ways to tell a story that might be engaging.

I’m going to try to be more engaging, too. It’s probably no secret to you that every attempt to let the world know I exist is also a battle with my own mental limits. I won’t ask for your patience, because if you’re reading this you’re already still here, and thank you.


  1. Good to hear you’re back in the studio. I still listen to your previous records with great enjoyment.

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