I know, I know! But we really are still working on the record. Here’s a little footage from this past weekend at Lee Flier’s studio, as we tracked drums for one song, with only one song left to go. I’m hoping to be done recording by the end of Spring. What that means for a […]

It’s a strange world to rejoin after a decade away. The night is dark and full of neuroses. I have big plans for the thing… or maybe “elaborate” is a better word. Elaborate plans that involve a number of non-musical skills I don’t currently possess, and a lot more work than just organizing the recording […]

New Single! New Video! 1-8-16!

A brand new song, all for you, called “Super Rocket X-1,” will be available exclusively on Bandcamp on January 8, 2016! In fact, all that weekend it will be available for download FOR FREE! And for that low, low (nonexistent) price, you’ll also receive 3 extra songs we recorded: Pink Floyd’s “Time,” Radiohead’s “Airbag,” and […]