Things are on the way!

Paul Melancon

Hello earthlings! I like when people give me updates. I fancy that you might feel the same. Please do not let me know if I’m wrong.

A while back (okay, a long while back) I told you we were recording. We were. But being me is a tiring thing, so things sometimes move slowly. At the time I had a few songs and it seemed time to start recording them. But the truth is I had no overall plan for them, and I have always worked better when I have an end goal that is something more than “record the songs that are around.”

That has changed over the past few months and there is an end goal in sight now. A new record takes shape. All the songs exist in some form. Some are just sketches and others are living and breathing. All of them belong to a single (weird) story. It will be very me.

In the meantime, there will be some shows, a single (not part of the record) to tide you over, a kickstarter, recording… and then, supreme overlords willing, a new record in early 2016.

Bit by bit I will tell you more, as much to keep you informed as to commit myself to its completion.


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