Studio update time!

So, yeah, I’ve been promising you a record for a little while now.

It’s coming. It always takes longer than I want. Some of it is about chasing down the songs out of my head. Some of it is just wrangling musicians (including myself), which are much more difficult than cats. But another large part of it is financial, and with that you just try to do your best. All these things conspire and make me afraid to pin down a date for the release.

In a perfect world, recording and mixing will be done sometime in the Spring. In that same perfect world, the cost of that will be covered by me. Then it’s time to worry about production and promotion (the actual work of it, I mean… the planning and worrying about it began long ago), so there will be a Kickstarter coming at some point because that’s just how art works out on the fringes these days.

Twelve songs, several breakdowns, one slow realization; a power-popera for your amusement. I hope when it’s here that you will enjoy. I made it for me and I made it for you.

P.S. I made a Spotify playlist of music whose only unifying factor is that I like it. If you follow the playlist (and I understand these strange future technologies correctly), when I update it you should get notified? Maybe? But you might enjoy it, and I’ll be updating it monthly.

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