Yes, There Is New Music!

New Single! New Video! 1-8-16!

A brand new song, all for you, called “Super Rocket X-1,” will be available exclusively on Bandcamp on January 8, 2016! In fact, all that weekend it will be available for download FOR FREE! And for that low, low (nonexistent) price, you’ll also receive 3 extra songs we recorded: Pink Floyd’s “Time,” Radiohead’s “Airbag,” and David Bowie’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide.” Why? Because we love you, that’s why!

After that weekend, the EP will be available for $1.99, and shortly thereafter the single itself will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, and all the other usual suspects.

This song might rock you, it might help to fight intergalactic intrigue, or it might even help you to find dangerous love. But most importantly, it will NOT be part of our upcoming record (more news on which soon), so snap it up while it’s FREE starting on January 8!

New Single! New Video! 1-8-16!

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