It’s 2:23am here and David Bowie is dead.


David Cross has bit where he wonders if the guy who works at the Las Vegas “New York New York” Casino felt the 9/11 attacks a little more than other people. It feels stupid, in exactly the same way, but I suppose that’s what it is being human, you look for connections to other humans. I never saw him live, but we spent a lot of this year learning Ziggy Stardust… and played the whole thing live in October. Just this past Saturday night we played “Lady Stardust” in our set.

The thing that always amazed me about him was his ability to collaborate with almost anyone, to try any new style or fashion or technique he cared to, and just own it. He was a chameleon, somehow always someone else and somehow always himself. I don’t know how he did it, and my god he did it all the way to the end. He was magic. He was was an unbelievably talented alien, and I’m glad they sent him to us for as long as they did.

It’s 2:51am here and David Bowie is dead.

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